Fluoride Filtration
Monday, March 25, 2013 at 4:40PM
Bill Barclay

One the most bizarre suggestions to come out of the Thames Fluoridation hearings was that which emanated from Chair Strat Peters. in his inimitable way of avoiding giving offense to anyone. He suggested that Council should consider supplying filters to anyone who wanted them free of charge. Replacement of cartridges would also become a charge on Council.

The Mayor wisely gave this suggestion short shrift when it came through report during the last meeting, and Strat's impassioned appeal that the cost of the filters should be a 'District' charge was met with derision.

The final report to the Communtiy Board on the suggestion came from Water Services Manager - Bruce Hinson on 26 March. It outlined threee options -  Absorption ($300), Reverse Osmosis ($800) and Distillation ($300). He suggested caution with adopting any one of these - they all appear to have problems one way or another. He also warned about providing advice regarding their use. He did not raise the issue of legal liability - wisely!

All in all, it is unlikely to get to first base, but the Board could well (because of its very nature!) make some stupid recommendation to full Council along these lines that will almost surely be kicked to touch, though with due deference to the sensitivity of the situation as far as the Thames Board members are concerned. 

It is clear that the anti-fluoride lobby has by no means given up on their quest, and that they will attack again when Council deals with the on/off issue during the Annual Plan process. They will not give up easily, but I am sure that the pros will be well prepared this time. They had better be because there are certainly weak kneed waverers amongst the Councillor ranks. 


Update on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 5:43PM by Registered CommenterBill Barclay

I think that it now all over red rover for the anti-fluoride lobby.

If the earlier episodes were faintly ridiculous, today was bizarre with Strat doing his best to have a bob both ways with, wait for it - a $5,000 fund, first-in best-dressed at 100 bucks a throw for the fluoride haters to get a handle on a filter. It does not seem to occur to Strat and his supporters - on this occasion - Hoadley and Connors, that this constitutes a logistical nightmare - can you imagine the queue at the Castle - with me in front - I need a filter as much as anyone! And who could prove otherwise. Today Connors et al claimed that this represented 'public benefit' and that all those wanting them should get them, but even she recognised that there was not enough dosh for that.

Well the vote went 4 to 3 with French, Bavistock, Bridgman and Yates against and guess who for. Connors squealed and tried to re-litigate - Strat stopped her, and Hoadley just sat and stared into the distance - she at least has some political savvy, even if on the wrong side in this argument. Strat is just Strat - his attempts to retain credibility with the entire town are legion, but even he looked stunned at today's rebuff.

Hopefully we will have heard the last of it after the AP Deliberatiuons, but don't bet on it - Connors threatened today to keep the argument going, so I predict that it will become an election issue - perhaps a major one. Bring it on!




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