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Thames Airport

"It is noted that that level of airport dues is significantly under what is budgeted for this year

and the table below shows a steady decline in airport dues collected over the last three

years that will require further investigation."

With that Thames Community Board was notified of an 80% shortfall on the budgetted $9,586 revenue from YTD Airport dues. This will really get up Peter Wood's nose, and so it should - he appears to be the only person who consistently brings shortfalls in Airport performance to the attention of the Board, and is consistently ignored. Soothing noises emerge from the Chair and all goes on as normal. 

The shortfall follows a 20% shortfall for a similar period last year and indicates a totally lackadaisacal approach to the admistration of the Airport by staff. The excuse that has been used this year is that the surveilance camera and recorder have broken down - I heard that months ago - evidently nothing has been done about it and so the losses mount up. It seems that aviator community are less that 'honest' on matters concerning fees and that if they know the equipment is U/S they take full advantage.

It seems to me as a 'concerned citizen' that we have been taken for a ride by this community for far too long - they insist on Council running the Airport on their behalf and provide at least a $50g subsidy - I will bet that it is closer to $100g this year, and make nothing but demands on the rest of us, while taking the opportunity to 'rort' the system. 

On top of everything else is the substantial $200g plus loan provided through the TUGPRA Account some years ago which there has been no attempt to repay. It is nothing short of an eleitist scam out there and it is time something was done about it - forget all the cant about local business - it is a scam plain and simple.   



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Reader Comments (2)

just a point of clariication Bill - do the airports come under the 'new' community board empowering deal?
If so the shortfall will ahve to be picked up by the Thames Board ratepayers.
Surely the current board must be able to set up some contracts for the principal users- like Skyworks, the aerial topdressing company and the aero club -plus the flying school from Hamilton that makes use of the field for touch and go's?
the fuel pump should be put onto a card arrangement so at least 0.06c a litre goes to the Board and the camera's need to be repaired urgently-
are the people making hay off the fields paying their way- the previous contractor didn't!!
Also understand the big hanger has been sold and skyworks are the new owners------
The airfield is an important asset to the town - and it is under utilised- - give it to private entreprise to run - they can pay a lease to the board - lets turn a trick or two on the airfield

March 27, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBiggles

Couldn't agree more Biggles - unfortunately, our Board is not very good at 'house-keeping' - by way of example there was not one mention yesterday of the fee shortfall. They appear to be totally blinded by the brillance of the new Urban Development Plan, and missing the rats and mice like the airport - all too hard!. In reply to your question - the airport has always been a local rates responsibility, and will continue as such under the new regime.

March 27, 2013 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

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