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Business Slush Fund Open 

The Business Growth Fund that was given so much hype during the Ten Year Plan process has suddenly come to life (nothing to do with the upcoming election of course) and applications are being called - closing on 31 May.

It is all of $20,000, but as I said at the time - that is just the beginning - wait until this lot are re-elected and then see just how deep the pockets are. It is amazing how easy it is to spend money when when someone else is required to ante up - i.e. the rate-payers. This is exactly what Nick Smith has been railing about when he says that far too many councils are moving into areas outside their core business.

Question 1 - just who on this current Council is sufficiently business savvy to judge applications, and you can bet that this selection process is one that will not be contracted out - it is too good a chance to bestow political baubles. 

Question 2 - Why are applications restricted to activities that are within one of the key growth-sectors of the Coromandel's economy: Tourism and Tourism-related enterprises, Aquaculture, Manufacturing. Forestry and Information Technology?

You can bet that there are already favourite sons in the latter category who will be at the front of the queue, including some that have already benefited greatly from Council largesse.




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