Coromandel Harbour Shift
Friday, May 10, 2013 at 11:21AM
Bill Barclay

A distinct change in the attitude of Mayor Leach is evident in the content of two press releases one month apart. This is an extract from the release on 18 April:

"In reality, much of the Harbour is actually a tailings dumpsite, which over the years has trapped silt from the rivers which has turned a beautiful deep-water Harbour into mud-flats" said Mayor Glenn Leach.

"If the private sector can remediate the Harbour back to its original state, without significant environmental damage and at no cost to ratepayers, then this would be a win-win for the Coromandel".

Then followed the outcry from various groups - in particular Coromandel Watchdog, who visited with the Mayor on Tuesday 7 May.

And now this from Mayor Leach today: 

"Council is only supporting the plan, in principle, for Sea Group to take samples, so we all know what's down there and what's feasible. The community wants all-tide access to the Coromandel Wharf and a cleaner Harbour, so it's worth investigating to see if an outcome of the Sea Group project could achieve these objectives".

"Once we have the facts then we can objectively assess the opportunities and the risks - the bottom line for us is that the Sea Group project must not harm our aquaculture and tourism industries and environment".

It is clear that the upcoming election is at the bottom of rapid changes in position in a number of areas.- Mayor Glenn is particularly sensitive at this time to any form of public reaction, and todays tricky announcemnet by CEO Hamond regarding external debt is a further example of that sensitivity.





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