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Mercury Bay Sports-Complex Fall-out

There are strong indications that the CEO has received the final Staff Report from Deloittes on the Sports Complex debacle on which the future of several staff members are hanging. One of these - Gordon Reynolds, is already on some type of extended leave while bets are being laid off as to who are the other three who are understood to be in the gun.

Two may well be rather senior employees who should have known what was going on, and clearly failed to act in a timely manner to bring matters to a head. It could be embarrassing all round when the Report is finally released - but this may take some time as employee disciplinary processes are followed through appropriately.

It is of considerable concern to hear that at least two of the people named in the Report are considering, or are already in the process of mounting grievance  proceedings arising from what they consider to be excessive stress brought about by the drawn out process, and failure to actually commence action against them. This may well be a rumour, but this is the atmosphere in which rumours abound.

Clearly someone, or several have to be held accountable for the mess that has occurred at Whitianga. You can't just bury a $8m stuff-up in a District of this size - the truth has to come out , and the sooner the better. 




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