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As a follow-up to my post on the Mayoral Forum on 2 May take a look at Geoffrey and Reihana Robinson's latest take on the machinations of Hugh Vercoe - the avuncular Mayor of Matatmata- Piako who has clearly sorted out his way ahead, and it involves you and me unles I am very much mistaken. Our Mayor has clearly been left flat-footed with his last-ditch attempt to attain independence for Coromandel. JT has left him in the lurch, and my feeling is that Vercoe would flatten Buckley in a heart-beat, if the latter stands again. 

Whatever, here is Geoffrey and Reihana in the 25 May 'Hamilton News'. They appear to have back-tracked somewhat from their previous confidence that their petition would see the District on its way to becoming an independent unitary authority. The review currently underway appears futile in the face of the formidable forces swirling around the Hamilton / Wellington axis. But no matter where you stand in regard to G & RR, their analysis is spot on.   



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The Robinsons analysis is merely stating the bleeding obvious and is a significant backtrack on their Unitary Plan bravado.

Given Hugh Vercoes local profile I am sure the good burghers of Waihou will elect him in a landslide. His ability to smooze the sitting Council members and oust Buckley is a moot point. Anyone who desires to be Chair needs the numbers within Council, not their electorate.

You might describe him as avuncular, others might describe a blustering bully who will alienate equally large egos around the table.

What is of more interest is who the new WRC CEO will be and the dynamic with the new Maori Councillors.

Watch this space.

May 27, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

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