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When I started this blog 100 years ago, I decided to offer a notification service whereby readers could register to obtain an email every fortnight or so that drew attention to each of the posts since the previous notification. About 100 registered for the service at the time, and a few dropped out while others joined, but to honest I found it a chore.

What was even more galling was that a close examination of the blog's hit rate showed that the increase in hits following a 'notification' was minimal - maybe ten or twenty at most.

The hit rate is far more dependent on the interest shown in particular posts, and can hit 3-400 on particular days when controversial, or topical issues are being followed. On days when I am being lazy, or have nothing much to report, the hit-rate can fall below 100. It does not much concern me - it seems that most readers have the blog tied into some method of letting them know that a post has gone up, and what it is, and the hit-rate rises accordingly.

What is most surprising is the number of robot hits - up to a 1,000 a day, reflecting words or phrases used (i.e. Aquaculture) that the search engines hone in on. I have yet to work out the pattern - if any one can help in that regard please comment.

So all in all, I have decided to give the notifications away. People who take an interest in whatever I write know how to access the posts. Several helpful people have suggested Twitter or Facebook, but to be honest, it is a very local blog with little to interest anyone living outside of Thames, or the District.

While I continue to hit 3-400 every so often, I consider that the blog is serving a purpose, and providing an alternative view for people who are bored stiff by other media. I would like to see more comments, but that probably reflects the fact that it is a small town, and most people like to keep a low profile, and avoid controversy.

The hit numbers tell the story.




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