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AP Deliberations - TCB

To be honest, the decisions made yesterday in regard to the TCB's submissions to the Council Deliberation process that takes place next Monday and Tuesday was a pretty pathetic list of recommendations in the end. Leaving aside fluoride which almost degenerated into a debacle following the switch by Justine Bavistock, and the hissy fit by Cr Connors in regard to the lack of consideration paid to the anti-fluoride mob - in other words, their submissions failed to gain the support that was deserved!

The remainder of capital works submissions going forward to the final carve-up on Monday are a pretty sorry bunch when compared with the glitzy panoply of demands from Whitianga-Mercury Bay in particular.  Just the usual imbalance that we have become used to, but which is totally out of balance when one considers that the famous Parks Reserve that has been used to justify the imbalance in the past has now gone up in smoke with the over-expenditure on the Mercury Bay Sports Complex.

Thames is left with a $139k Sports Facility (note the reluctance to mention the Zoom Zone or Rhodes Park Grand Stand. The Swimming Pool gets scant mention anywhere. Then there is $141k for the Diane Connors Skate Park (not named yet, but there was a failed atttempt to change the name to "Youth Zone" - one too many "zone"!)

That's it! The remaining bids during the Hearings failed to get up, and the mood in Council is not conducive to any late add-ons. I detect real sensitivity surrounding the additional $22m borrowing on the part of the Mayor - it is one Albatros that he will not enjoy taking into the election.




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