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Satisfaction Survey

The annual Satisfaction Survey is a bit a furphy to honest - a whole heap of influences can slew the results to make them barely satisfactory, or significant. On the other hand, the do indicate trends.

The first and most significant trend in this years survey to be presented next week is the number of categories in which Thames features as being least satisfied. I did try to make some sense out of this, but in vain. Clearly Thames residents appear not particularly happy about the way things are going, but I wonder what influence the timing of the Whitianga Sports-complex debacle - there is no doubt that this has caused huge dissatisfaction in this town on a number of scores.

The satisfaction of Whitianga residents may on the other hand point to the fact that they have had a far greater share of Council resources than any other part of the District. But Thames councillors should be concerned at apparent level of dissatisfaction with their performance, and accessibility, and with the manner in which rates have been spent.

The other significant and totally forgettable factor is that Auckland residents feature on almost every count regarding services as the most dissatisfied. It would seem that their demographic puts them in the category of being the most demanding, and the most self-entitled. It will always be hard to satisfy them, but interesting at how much better our services are perceived by absentees living in the Waikato and elsewhere - not a demanding lot compared with the JAFA's.

Other than that, the range of satisfaction levels is narrow,and at the top of the range - most people I suspect, who are the subject of these interviews will give any answer in order to get off the phone and back to the TV. 




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