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It has suddenly occurred to me that the reason this load of rubbish was passed through adoption yesterday was to ensure that it stays outside the three month limit on advertising that applies under the Local Elections Act 2002. And note Ben Day's cute hands all over the document. 

Silly me - why did that not become obvious earlier when Hammond indicated that we were way ahead of every other council in terms of producing this document. And it seems extremely unlikely that Leach is not very aware of what is going on - they have well and truly 'workshopped' the content - that was obvious from some of the comments yesterday. 

I will ensure that it is brought to the attention of the Office of the Auditor General - they should not be allowed to get away with attempting to influence the outcome of the election in this manner - it is egregious in the extreme, and I immediately recall Hammonds cheesy smile as it was presented. He really does think that he is as sharp as two tacks, but he may have bitten off more than he can chew on this. 




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