Local Elections
Friday, July 26, 2013 at 1:48PM
Bill Barclay

Being away for a few weeks certainly means that rumours pass you by. But 24 hours is an age in politics:

Item One - Strat is/is not standing - take your choice. I received an email from a never to be revealed source who stated confidently that Strat had indicated "in writing" that he was not standing, As always. I took such a declaration with a grain of salt. Then yesterday, an existing Board member indicated to me that Strat told him last Friday that he was definitely standing "to finish the job!". Ho-hum, what's new?

Item Two - Sandra G. is reported to be throwing her hat in the ring for Council. I have the uncomfortable feeling that this was cooked up with Leach a long time ago with a view to her taking over the baton at the end of the term - makes sense, even if it provides discomfort for a great number of voters who had a belly-full of her grandstanding while in the House - her popularity was such that apparently even Key suggested that she leave - no baubles of office were heading in her direction after opposition members refused to attend meetings of the Law Reform Committee under her chairmanship.

Item Three - Hoadley is apparently not standing. After the OIR on her attendance, that decision was probably inevitable. She has to have been one of the most most useless, and most redundant councillors that this Council has ever had. Her failure to attend was only matched by her tendency to undertake private work on her lap-top during the meetings she did attend - confirmed by at least two sources. Her election was a case of mis-placed support if ever their was. Of course, I am not biased!

Item Four - Just about everyone else is re-standing, including the two turncoats from Whangamata - Jack Wells and Jan Bartley who both saw fit to try to overturn the Thames CB decision to retain fluoride in its water supply, and very nearly achieved that outcome - only frustrated by the Mayor's principled decision to support the status quo. This despicable act of betrayal was unmatched during the term of this Council, and I hope like hell that they get their butts soundly kicked by any other principled candidate. They both show signs of aging over and beyond what should be expected on any council. McLean and Fox both deserve to go down on the Whitianga Sports-complex issue alone, but no doubt they will talk their way out of it with their usual glib shedding of the blame on to previous councils. 

Item Five - I will make up my mind whether to stand in Thames over the next week or so. I am tempted to have a go just for the fun of having a stoush with Goudie, but we may both be seen a re-cycled objects, and beaten to the punch by some bright eyed young thing with a good story. I see increasing debt in order to reduce rates, the retention of fluoride in Thames, the rejuvenation of the town centre (with or without the much hyped Urban Strategy), and the elimination of imbalanced access to resources between the East and West as the major issues. And don't tell me that the latter is simply promoting division - Eastern councilors have done that on their own over the last three years, and our councillors have been asleep at the wheel, out-paced, and out-manoeuvred, principally by McLean. At least Whitianga no longer has DC reserves to beat us the around the head - after the Sports-complex, they are now zero, so they join the queue just like every other board. More revelations should emerge on the SC over the next few weeks, not to the advantage of incumbents.  

Nominations close on 18 August, so all should be clear by then. 





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