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Thames Urban Development Strategy

Following what was obviously a long workshop on 11 June to discuss what to do about the Strategy. Clearly these were 'in-depth' discussions, the notes from which reveal a pleasing scepticism and querying of some of the basic assumptions that lay behind the recommendations that came forward from the consultants and Focus Group. Note that Cr Hoadl;ey attended neither of the workshops held over the two days 11 and 14 June. The discussion reported in the Workshop Notes make interesting reading.

The actual Report is here.

The paper to the Board on 31 July is here - note the equivocal nature of the final recommendation:

5 Suggested Resolution(s)
That the Thames Community Board:
1. Receives the report.
2. Endorses the Tha
 mes Urban Development Strategy for future consideration.
3. Considers identifying work streams to be included in the current 2013/2014
Community Board work programme.

I think we can assume from this that there is no intention to allocate any funding at this stage. Paying lip-service to the vision promoted in the Report costs nothing. It will certainly become an election issue, and existing councillors had bettter prepare themselves to state exactly where they stand in relation the implementation of the recommendations.


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Reader Comments (1)

Well Bill, an interesting turn of events. It does seem that someone has backed away from the issue. $90,000.00 spent so that we might have something that can be considered in the future. Some of the easiest money those consultants have made I imagine. Politics eh!
It does seem that if the Community Board were really serious about the future of Thames, they would be engaging with local business to find a way forward, and developing a strategic relationship with Kopu business and industry. The way forward is not in entrance-way structures and a relocated information centre and such like. The way forward has to be strong and vital business that employs people, young people particularly, so that they may have a future in Thames.
Business is finding it difficult at the moment, and a wise bureaucracy might sit along side that SME scale business, understand what they need to realise their individual business aspirations, and then facilitate whatever activities they (TCB/TCDC) can, to help. Approach the community voluntary sector (e.g. Heritage) in the same way. Don't build a great heap of expensive new structures/organisations, rather fix up and support the existing assets.
I have not read the draft urban development plan, as it is not available publically because it still is a draft - and on the basis of your comment, I might never read it. Wiser heads than mine obviously think it is not worth reading?

July 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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