Unitary Authority
Friday, August 2, 2013 at 12:13PM
Bill Barclay

In the interests of tranparency, read here the Sam Napia's Report on progress to date with the development of a proposal for local government re-organisation - primarily the proposal for a Coromandel et al Unitary Authority to go to Council next Wednesday.

Also, the 'Indicative Work Programme'. Note that it is proposed to place the final Report on the proposal before the 30 October Council Meeting - a fortnight after the Election. It is indicated that this is not necessarily aimed at obtaining approval to submit the proposal to the Local Government Commission - but rather to have it up their sleeves just in case any other organisation (WRC?) decides to proceeed with their own proposal in the meantime.

That appears a prudent step, but again, I abhor the apparent absence of any sense of necessity to publicly consult such a proposal. It seems to me that this has become the curent modus operandi within this Council - workshops, decision, then maybe consult. I hope I am wrong in this regard, but we only have what we are told to go on.




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