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I was asked by Michael Dobie - the new local reporter at the HH (ex. BBC and Peninsula Press!) to provide an outline of my position on various items leading into the election. This is the content of the statement I provided him - I expect him to stick pretty closely to this, though I did talk to him about some other issues. He is giving every candidate the same opportunity. Here is my effort:

I am standing for Council because I believe that I can bring a strong voice to the table in order to help obtain a better allocation of resources for Thames.  Thames must be supported to obtain up-to-date sports and other facilities that are warranted for a town of this size, but without adding to the rate burden.

But I am extremely concerned at the manner in which the ‘over-blown’ and extravagant Thames Urban Development Strategy has been adopted, and implementation begun in the absence of adequate consultation, or understanding of where costs will lie.

I am equally concerned at the manner in which our Council, and the Regional Council are pushing towards totally opposing unitary authority concepts unsupported by consultation, or apparent understanding of practicalities or costs.

If elected I will fight to keep rate increases well within inflation, but without resorting to additional borrowing - we should only have what we can afford. Further, I wish to see real debate return to the Council table – something that has been absent for far too long.

I will of course expand on a number the these, and other issues as time goes on, both in posts, and elsewhere. It appears that a number of meetings are being organised around the town to which we will be invited to speak, and I intend to take advantage of of each and every opportunity, but my main concerns will centre around consultation, and borrowing - these are the issues that are raised most frequently with me.

I am fully expecting Goudie to make a meal of the Unitary Authority issue - she has apparently lined up with Leach as was to be expected, and will undoubtedly 'tub-thump' it widely in the hustings.  




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