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Waikato Regional Council 

Dal Minogue put out a Press Release today that puts it straight on the line in regard to the attempted 'takeover' by Simon Friar and his cohort to join Thames-Coromandel into a Waikato Unitary Council entity, led by Chairman Buckley.

Dal lays out his objections to this move by Friar, and his "bigger is better" arguments, and finishes off with a pretty strong warning:

Mr. Minogue also says that if there is any attempt to force the Thames-Coromandel into a Unitary Waikato Council, he will “support the creation of a Unitary Thames-Coromandel Council as a viable alternative”. 

I am with Dal on this one, but only after the facts and figures are on the table. The proposition has to be viable, and at this stage the jury is still out. 

Actually, the remainder of Dal's Presser makes good reading as well:

Former District Councillor Dal Minogue has decided to contest the position of Councillor on the Waikato Regional Council.

Mr. Minogue says that he wasn’t intending to be involved in local elections this time, but when he got wind of Simon Friar’s intention to include Thames-Coromandel within a greater Waikato Unitary Council, he changed his mind because of the overwhelming importance of the issue.

“It became clear to me that someone with experience and knowledge of Local government needed to stand against Mr. Friar in order to best sort out the mess he has created”.

 Mr. Minogue is very skeptical of the ‘bigger is better’ argument put forward by Mr. Friar along with his “spurious multi million dollar claims about creating cost efficiencies and providing better governance”.

He says that the Auckland experience has shown that Mr. Friar’s claims will not be realized. “Rates went up since greater Auckland became a unitary Council, not down. And currently there is a strong push for Rodney to break away from the Auckland Unitary Council because of their significant use of capital value rating which produced big rates increases for them. We will be affected the same way”.

Mr. Minogue is also concerned that District Plans and bylaws will be “put on the scrapheap” to be replaced by documents that reflect generalized Waikato concepts. “Years of work and capital investment on these things will be written off. And they will be done again at great expense, for outcomes that will not truly reflect our communities wishes”, he says.

Mr. Minogue says that if elected he’ll put all information on local governmentreorganization ‘on the table’ and ask for the communities advice and support to find the best way forward and that “one of the options must be to continue as we are with the local control over local affairs that we currently enjoy, leaving the Mayors within the Waikato Mayoral forum to decide how they can best work together in different ways to create genuine cost efficiencies”. 

It is good to see Dal back in the fray, and standing fro the WRC - he was sadly vilified by the previous Mayor, and along with others, had wild accusations directed at him by the current Mayor during the last campaign. I hope that he gets the opportunity to replace Friar who has proven to be a total failure as far as this District is concerned, and a cipher for Chair Buckley. His performance in regard to the Moanataiari situation was a disgrace in anyone's books.

Dal's knowledge, and local government experience would be invaluable heading into the Unitary Authority round with Central Government.  


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Reader Comments (5)

Sorry Bill cant agree with you if Minoque gets elected to public office again, which I consider unlikely, then god help the voters. His (adjective deleted) personality does not allow him to work with or consider others points of view.
He was destructive on the TCDC and bears most of the responsibility for the dysfuntion of the Barribell terms. He would be the same creature if he was some how succesful in being elected to the regional council.
I believe the average voter is wise enough to ensure this man never holds office again.

August 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterOne who knows

OK Bill fair enough.
While I stand by the adjective I used and which you deleted at least you posted the comment.
I did believe it was important to balance the books so to speak. If you are going to advocate for a candidate on your site as you were doing for Minoque whilst taking a swipe at Friar and Leach then the other side of the coin should be shown
I do agree Friar has to go but not to be replaced by Minoque for gods sake

August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterOne who knows

Okay John, as long as we are agreed as to what constitutes 'fair comment' you are free to agree (good!) or disagree (bad!) with anything I say, or anyone I support. And as for a replacement - you are left with Graf or Minogue - take your choice! I know which one I will support, and that's politics!

August 22, 2013 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

So far as I am concerned this election is about issues - and in particular about the future governance arrangements for the Coromandel Peninsula.

Having been a District Councillor for many years, I realise personal criticism goes with the territory and accept that.

In terms of 'balancing the books' (and raising another important issue), I am the only candidate standing against Friar who owns a rateable property on the Coromandel Penisula and who actually lives here.


August 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDal Minogue

For balance, I was on Council with Dal, and don't agree with anon. Dal attempted to get the policy and planning committee to discuss a wide range of topics but staff ran interference because staff set the agendas and present the reports. His frustration was obvious and staff canceled many meetings. The mayor was incompetent in listening and ameliorating the problem with positive chairmanship. At least Dal gave lots of effort to the job and didn't just pull his head down and sit there silently. As others often do. He is our local boy with L.B. knowledge and a sense of vocation. The Graf lad is pig-hunters choice with an anti-1080 stance. Is that enough for the wide-ranging topics at WRC?

September 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPeter H Wood,

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