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Major Events

Further to my post of 14 August, the detailsof the Major Events Sponsorship have now been released.

The refusal to provide more than the briefest of details of the Mindsports event in particular until now exemplifies the total contempt for transparency by both members and staff - Ben Day in particular.

There is still no information about just who is running this event, or the purpose for which the money is to be used that warrants $12,500 being allocated while other worthy and long standing organisations in Thames have been shunned.  

To add insult, the criteria is set out in the Press Release, and absolutely no information is provided to indicate just how the Mindsports event matches those criteria. The so-called 'score-sheet' that purportedly was used to establish the winners and losers is a load of subjective nonsense that should have been rejected out of hand by any council that was 'on the ball'.  

And this was followed by this piece of pure Day advertising on behalf of Council - precisely in terms that are forbidden under the Act from being promulgated three months prior to an council election:

"The new Council elected in October 2010 immediately established a brand new mission and vision, which refocused the organisation and set the foundation from which the elected members and Council staff would move the district forward together."

Under normal circumstances I would have considered making a complaint to the Auditor General, but after recent performances by that office, have completely lost confidence in his/her ability to exercise any control over the manner in which our Council complies with the Act. It is basically a 'toothless tiger'.

Mr Ben Day is becoming more powerful by the day if you will forgive the expression - this entire Events Strategy is a lolly scramble under his control which he appears to be using for his own purposes, elevating favourites, and currying political favour.  He has repeatedly demonstrated total contempt for the democratic process in his dealings both with Council, and the media since his arrival on the scene, and it is time that someone brought him under control, and stopped feeding his ego. 




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Yes he is acting more and more like a deputy CE.

August 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSailing Away

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