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Local Government Elections

After a great deal of soul searching (pruning grape vines assisting the process!), I have decided to again throw my hat in the ring for one of the Thames seats on the Council.

I guess that knowing Wyn Hoadley was withdrawing made the decision a little easier, but regardless of her decision, I would have challenged on the basis that that there are fundamental problems facing Thames that I believe I can assist to bring to the fore. Commentating on Council and Board meetings has provided me with insight that would have been otherwise difficult to acquire. 

In no way should this be taken as a criticism of Peter French and Diane Connors who I believe have worked their butts off and done a fine job. It is simply that that I don’t believe that the voice of Thames is heard nearly loud enough within the Council Chamber.

Peter performs brilliantly as Deputy Mayor, but this inhibits his ability to speak up in any partisan way for Thames. Diane has been a robust defender of our interest, but pales into insignificance when faced with the combined force of the Mayor, along with McLean/Fox/Bartley/Wells et al. The interests of Whitianga, and its Sports-complex debacle have not only been an embarrassment for this Council, they continue to dominate its affairs. 

If elected, I intend to make sure that the voice of Thames is heard, and will oppose discussion being continually hidden away in ‘closed-door’ workshops where it is too easy for dominant personalities to impose their interests ahead of others - not good governance in any sense.

I will explain my position on a number of important current issues in posts on this blogsite, and in other material as the campaign develops. It seems to me that with the demise of the ‘Peninsula Press’, and the ‘missing in action’ performance of the ‘Hauraki Herald’, that it is likely that social media will play a significant role in this election. I intend to make full use of it to get my message across.




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Reader Comments (2)

Just to let you know there is a meet the candidates meeting saturday 28th September 11am-12.30pm at the grahamstowm community hall.Hosted by thames/hauraki forest+bird and the thames coast protection society-more details to follow.

August 9, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterken carpenter

Thanks Ken - I will be present.

August 11, 2013 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

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