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Board Empowerment

One little piece of Leach inspired drama occurred yesterday - more or less as an aside. 

He indicated that in future, either he or his now totally trusted lieutenant - Deputy Mayor Peter French, would attend all board meetings. 

On the face of it, this may appear a totally reasonable decision on his part, but it was combined with a description of the Whitianga Board as having "exploded" over the Sports-complex issue. He was so critical of that Board that no-one sought re-election - such was the level of discontent over they way in which Glenn had berated them for their performance. 

So what can we glean from this. Despite all the protestations of glorious empowerment of community boards about which Glenn has made such a fuss over the past three years, there are limits to that power inasmuch he wants to be present, or Peter, at every meeting in order to ensure that they operate within limits, and presumably only make decisions that are acceptable to the Mayor, and/or Deputy Mayor. Such are the limits of 'empowerment' in the new Glenn Leach inspired Mayoralty - an almost predicable result of what is a patently defective policy. 

I can already hear the sounds of cynicism around the traps as the implications of this new regime set in. I wonder just how it will sit with Keith Johnston for instance - one to whom the prerogatives of Board Chair have appeared very important. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to having Peter French 'sit in' while he conducts meetings at Whangamata. More to come on this before too long, I suspect.




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