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Marlborough DC still squeamish on Black Report

Here is the latest on the Black Report referred to to in the previous post, and that of 12 September.

You really have to wonder what is contained this Report that is so "technical" that we are unable to see it in full. Certainly the belated rush to establish "practical guidelines" is indicative of panic stations - how on earth has King Salmon managed to get to this point of opening new farms without "practical guidelines" already in place?

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Primary Industry has at last issued an "Aquaculture Ecological Guidance Package". One does get the feeling that it is all too little, too late in the rush to get farms established. There are shades of slack regulation that has crept into the mining and building industry, and border protection amongst many other areas of Government. By way of example, the nitrates and phosphates that will damage the environment for years to come are already in the soil and sub-soil - for many rivers, it is just too late.

For heavens sake can't we get anything right? - the aquaculture farming industry is taking us down the same path if I am not mistaken, and meanwhile, we 'see no evil, hear no evil...'

It is time that a stake was placed firmly in the ground, and thorough science used, along with the experience from elsewhere to put limits on the crazy headlong rush. Our Gulf is just too precious to allow blind ignorance to prevail on fish-farm development. Those willing to invest in the industry are not the only ones whose views need to be taken into account.  

Clearly the Marlborough Council has had a shake-up call of substantial proportions - there is no other reason for them to be hiding the Black Report. WRC and TCDC please take note! Do not use the unwillingness of DPI to intervene as an excuse - they along with every other department are now politically driven by a Government with economic development stars obscuring its limited vision.  




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