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Chief Executive's Report

 Here is the CE Report that will be tabled next week - 2 October (delayed meeting from 25 September).

A couple of things to note:

 "Waikato Regional Council, Ministry for Primary Industries and TCDC have agreed to fund a Coromandel Aquaculture Strategy, led by the Coromandel industry with support from Aquaculture NZ"                    

 This is interesting - it appears that the final tender document remains to be approved.


"Thames Urban Development Strategy (Area Manager Thames / Coromandel) The Thames Urban Development Strategy (TUDS) was presented and endorsed by the Thames Community Board for endorsement for further consideration and consultation at its July meeting. Additionally, the Board approved the seven projects as early wins for 2013-14. The Thames Community Board will consider further TUDS projects as part of its Community Board plan and the following Annual and Ten Year Plans"

I cannot make head nor tail oif this - it appears that they are as confused as I am regarding the level of consultation that has, or will take place.

Coromandel Harbour

"Coromandel Harbour Facilities Strategy A consortium led by Cranleigh was successful in the tender award for this project. Theonsortium includes Cranleigh as project managers and business analysts, Aurecon marine engineering specialists, Harrison Grierson for resource consent planning, Turia Group leading consultation and an environmental specialist. All tenders significantly exceeded the approved budget due to a broadening of the initial scope. A report to the 25 September Council meeting will seek the additional funds required to advance the project to a positionenabling Council to make an informed decision on proceeding/or not. In the interim, the budgeted stage one has commenced with a series of workshops to further define the project plan and specific deliverables including revised milestone timeframes. Stage one of the project including site evaluation, needs analysis and stakeholder interviews will be concluded in time to report the initial findings to the 25 September Council meeting"

Cranleigh appear to be the flavour of themonth - they also were the lead consultants on the TUDS. This whole proposal will need to be very closely watched. The actual paper is downright opaque, and a great deal of arse covering appears to be in train. 
Thames Airstrip

"Discussed my support (with Geoff Furkett) for a concept of seeking external expressions of interest for managing Thames Airfield around agreed strategy and financial parameters".

Obviously Strat is trying to get something underway before the demise of the current Board. It will be interesting to see what emerges - I stand by my interpretation of what Mr Furkett proposes outlined on my post dated 11 September. 





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