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Whangamata Watchdog

The well known watchdog from Whangamata - Jack Wells, turned up at our only "meet the candidates" meeting today to ask a question - "in view of your bullying tactics on your blog and newspaper articles, how do you plan to fit in with close-knit team that comprises the current Council"?

Quite apart from the pleasure of entertaining Jack at what I thought was a Thames Ward occasion designed for local questioners, his attempt at posing an embarrassing, if not offensive question, was a bit of a damp squid really.

I simply pointed out that on recent occasions I have praised the current Council on its performance, and apart from caveats I had regarding Council finances, I felt that I could easily work with all the current Council members. Obviously Jack reads some, but not all on my posts. He later claimed one on one that I unfairly attacked individuals - well I thought that was precisely the purpose of a blog - keep those in public office (taking our penny) on their toes. Obviously it is all a bit much for our sensitive soul from Whangamata. 

It is far more offensive in my view that Jack chose to leave his bastion of Whangamata where I understand he has and will have a substantial majority, and attempted  to interfere in the Thames election process. Certainly, going on the comments that were made to me at the conclusion of the meeting, he failed in that endeavour.

Not that it is the first time that Jack has dabbled in Thames politics - the mischief he and Bartley wrought by involving themselves in the Thames Fluoride Debate was another interference, if not perfidy that Leach will find hard to forgive and forget.  

Other than that, it was a meeting of around 120 that succeeded in every way -  giving all the candidates a good opportunity to 'show their wares' - it was conducted with decorum, and a total absence of nastiness until Jack turned up. What a pity that this stuff cannot be ring-fenced elsewhere - I understand that there has been a series of acrimonious meetings on the Eastern Seaboard.

Congratulations and thanks to Forest and Bird and the Thames Coast Protection Society for running the meeting - well done.


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Reader Comments (1)

Actually Bill, I must correct you on your 'update' added to the original post. The question Peter French asked was directed specifically at Simon Friar and myself and was something like:

"As I always measure a persons likely future performance by their past performance and given that both Mr Friar and Mr Minogue have been members of Councils that have been 'dysfunctional', why should anyone choose to vote for you?"

My reply to Peter French was that dysfunction in the Council that I was part of was due to bad leadership at the top, noting also that the Council now had good leadership at the top and that dysfunction had therefore disappeared. Hardly rocket science, I would have thought.

However, Peter's question was a stacked question intended as a sop for Clyde Graf. Why a Thames Councillor would travel all the way across the Peninsula to Tairua to pull to pull such a lame stunt poses an interesting question. Perhaps you have answered that in part by drawing attention to a Whangamata Councillor travelling over the hill to Thames to ask another lame duck question of you.

However, I am very disappointed in Mr French who is I understand, an ex policeman. In fairness the question he should have asked is:

"As I always measure a persons likely future performance by their past performance, do any of the three candidates for the Waikato Regional Council - Mr Friar, Mr Minogue or Mr Graf - have any criminal convictions, and if any one of you do, why should anyone vote for you? "

For the record I have no criminal convictions at all (although I did get a speeding ticket once for driving through Turua at 56 km per hour) and neither, so far as I know does Simon Friar. However Cylde Graf has been convicted of armed bank robbery for which he spent several years in jail.

I hope all this political nonsense comes to an end for the rest of this election campaign and that all the people involved learn to play it cool, win or lose.


October 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDal Minogue

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