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Ruataniwha Redux 

I have not quoted Cameron Slater for a while - not since he rehabilitated Scott Simpson to his list of 'best mates', but his post today where he in turn quotes Gordon Campbell is spot-on. This is becoming a very stinky bundle of conflicts for the Government - one about which back-benchers appear to be becoming increasingly nervous. 

Campbell is absolutely right in demanding that the matter be declared null and void, and the evaluation process re-commence afresh. As Russell Norman says - "transparency is desirable". Nick Smith is using self-serving rhetoric when he stands in Parliament and claims that the process should continue to its natural conclusion, even though Blind Ned can see that the Inquiry is devoid of the most important qualified, technical environmental assessments.

For anyone who questions my concern about what is happening in Hawkes Bay, let it be known that exactly the same expediency applied here in the case of the Aquaculture Fish Farming Board of Inquiry - 'once over lightly, and don't spare the horses!' And I believe that this will play out in more or less the same manner in time as documents are gently extracted from the bureaucratic maw.

What a mess!




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