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Cabins Sidestep Building Regs.

After a week away in Martinborough and Whanganui, I have returned to find that at last TCDC has woken up to just what is going on with the spread of nasty little cabins around the Peninsula. It will only get worse.

Here is the article in the NZH that drew attention to the matter

And here is the Presser from TCDC warning of consequences

Talk about shutting the door after the horse has bolted - note the extraordinary admission that there are "an estimated 400 of these structures illegally sited on individual sites on the Coromandel."

How on earth has this situation been reached with not a single prosecution, nor apparently, 'Removal Order' being issued. It is only a matter of time before illegal connections are made for power, water and wastewater. This PVC version of the cabin idea is of course only a recent manifestation of what has been going on with units comprising conventional materials. It can be assumed that the fire risk with PVC will be even greater than with the present units where a fatality is only a matter of time - particularly in winter.

Note also the need for these units to be put on sections only where there is an existing approved structure.

Such is not the case with two famous units, supposedly on 'Maori' land close to the Thames Arts Centre at Tararu - recently supplemented by a partly wheeled caravan. The Council appears powerless to enforce its own by-laws in this case - they have been there for over a year, and even have their own 'long drop' on the site. Intermittently, there has been evidence of a number of children living at the site. It even has garbage removal bins provided by Council.

Council's resolve will be tested over the next year, and it will be interesting to see just how it manages to deal with this new trend. I trust that they have the staff, and legal back-up to institute proceedings in such a way as to persuade those involved to desist. But I have no confidence that this will be the case - it is all very well to issue strongly worded pressers - it is quite another to take effective action. 




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