Treaty Settlement Near
Sunday, January 12, 2014 at 3:05PM
Bill Barclay

An indication that the Treaty Settlement announcement is imminent is suggested by the presser on the TCDC Website dated 10 January. 

Mayor Leach is rather anxious to draw a line in the sand over just who are the parties to the settlement between the Hauraki Collective, and the Government. He emphasizes (as if this was not well-known already!) that TCDC is but a third party to the Settlement. It has been kept informed as to its progress, and no doubt asked for its opinion in regard to controversial aspects, but it really has no say with the final outcome.

There is likely to be considerable unhappiness amongst many rate-payers when the final document is released. There will be surprises, and although there have been hints and indications of just what is planned - particularly in regard to land currently controlled by DoC, the final details will contain a great deal more that is unanticipated at this point - the beach at Pauanui obviously is one. Visiting bach owners will of course have been completely 'out of the loop' over the last year, and their concerns will no doubt have been conveyed in no uncertain terms to Mayor Leach. Hence his rushing to the PR barricades to distance the Council from the final Settlement. 

I understand that the final decision to hand Waikawau back to Ngati Tamatera is a given - that will cause real angst amonst the 700 odd members of the Boat Ramp Society, and the Tramcar Society members, but it is really non-negotiable. I just hope that a satisfactory arrangement can be entered into by both sides to protect interests, but it will require considerable goodwill, and tolerance if this is to be achieved. Anger will achieve nothing. 

This is only a microcosm of the major decisions that have apparently been made, and it behoves everyone to take a deep breath before responding in any way that fuels resentment and concern. The Government on the other hand has a responsibility to ensure that nothing is agreed to that causes lasting damage to the relationship between the local rohe, iwi and hapu, and the Council.

Co-governance is just around the corner - it may be a form that resembles the governance of the Waikato River, and it may well break new ground as regards settlements generally. In the meantime - expect more 'softening-up' by Mayor Leach - it is likely that he alone is fully informed as to just where the Settlement stands at this point. 





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