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Credit Where Credit Is Due

I will say this just once, so please pay attention!

Glenn Leach's performance on Three tonight was accomplished, and although it will serve to aggravate many, and irritate some, he spoke the truth. It is time that the free-loaders who have sucked the breath out of this District for ever and a day were called to account and made to pay for the services that they consume - whether it be garbage, water, wastewater services or anything else that applies loads on our capacity outside of the normal. It is the additional capacity cost for the holiday load that falls back on every ratepayer. 

What a pity Glenn failed to nail this, but he did well enough. By my observation, any suggestion that he has played this in accordance with loyalties related to his past association with the accomodation industry is erroneous - it is my hunch that he has played it straight right from when it first came up during consideration of the Draft Plan.

Those who are resisting resource consents for homes that are consistently loading in over six guests, and thereby stretching capacity need to understand that the the days of the free lunch are over. This year's District Plan will finally put the mail in this coffin, unless certain councillors whose names you could just about guess, cave in to the pressure being brought to bear by what are predictably true blue National supporters in the age old manner - the subsidy mob never died, they just went to ground.

Phones will be ringing and pressure applied over the next few months, and I guarantee that the six guest rule will become the major issue in our District Plan Deliberations, like night follows day. I urge every single reader of this blog to apply reverse pressure to ensure that this (draft) decision, arrived at after an unprecedented debate, is preserved against the self-serving gripes of bach owners determined to cover their annual costs by stacking their January and Easter rentals to bursting point.

I will be criticised by many who lay claim to the right to occupy in this manner as a basic human right that every New Zealander inherits at birth  in order to experience 'the beach'. Well bollocks to that - it is not a right, it is a privilege to use the facilities that we have all paid for. The fact that the free-loaders don't use them fully for 11 months of the year is irrelevant - it is ADDITIONAL CAPACITY requirement that is the problem - a fact that they prefer to ignore. The additional capacity (AC) was provided for additional development units, not to permit overloading of existing units. 

And then there is the issue of the additional capital and running costs incurred by the accomodation industry to get approved - covering both health and safety, and facilities. The high annual rates bill based on pan charges is a further imposition. They pay their way, and so should every private renter. The consents will sort out the provision of fire extinguishers etc. If you want to accommodate more than six, simply go through the Resource Consent process at a cost of about $1,400 - simple.

So credit where credit is due - Glenn is taking, and will take more heat, but the bleating of Bach-care and other renting agencies should simply be ignored. Did you hear the statistics quoted this evening? - Coromandel has 25% of the nations baches - I don't know where they got that from, but with 54% of the total homes on the Peninsula in this category (and over 70% on the Eastern Seaboard) we certainly have the highest percentage of any district. But it is the maximum number 'pulling the chain' that really counts.

The hours being worked by our enforcement people must be stacking up - well, simply hire more people if required on a part-time or temporary basis to get through the holidays, and nail those who break the rules, including campers. There are plenty of retired coppers, and others of similar ilk who would welcome the opportunity. In the meantime, Steve Hart needs all the support we can give him - it is a hell of a job, but someone has to do it!




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