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Gareth Morgan v. Willy Leferink

I try to avoid simply reproducing the work of other commentators, but within limits, I think it can be useful to give focus to a particular issue as long as acknowledgements are provided.

In this particular case, the long standing campaign waged against elements of the dairy industry has most recently been given emphasis in a series of articles in the Herald by Gareth Morgan and Geoff Simmons, opposed by the FF Dairy Chair Willy Leferink - yes the same who recently sold his farm for $25m to the Barilla pasta family of Italy (see my earlier post and this article)

The opening shot from Morgan is at here 

The second fusilade is here

And Willy Leferink's barrel of hot tar from the ramparts is here

Of course it is important that both sides of this argument are represented by knowledgeable observers, and it is particularly important that industry representataives (and Leferink must be classed in that category) are given every opportunity to put their point of view.

I invite all readers to take the time to look at these articles if for no other reason that that they represent the views of intelligent commentators who are not hidebound by "on the one hand, and on the other" types of advocacy that bind academics, and politicians. There is truth in both of the views presented, but on balance I would to say (and I make no claim to be un-biased in this matter) that the Morgan/Simmons argument wins hands down.  In fact, if that is the best the FF Dairy Chair can do, then the industry should be shaking in its shoes at the prospect of a public reaction to the devastation that it has wrought on our countryside.

It won't of course, for the very reason that its members are well aware of just how delicately pollies tread when dealing with the matter - to be seen as siding with the Greens would be political suicide. Any suggestion of stock number control is treated with total disdain.  Encouragement provided by the Leferink "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" view will continue to stroke the predominant "Denial", and "Greed is Good" attitude prevailing in industry boardrooms, and milking parlours throughout the country. Gordon Grecko would be an admiring observer, and no doubt investor, if he could.

Leferink even has the hide to claim in another article that New Zealanders won't work in the industry because of "misconceptions" about the nature of the work involved. This is the justification the FF uses to argue for the issuing of further permits to add to the thousands of Philippine nationals now employed throughout the land to keep the industry going. In Leferink's view, it is nothing to do with the pay and conditions offered by his financially stretched constituents.

Willingness to work in any industry is determined by pay and conditions - nothing else Willy. You and your cohort have made the industry entirely dependent on imported labour for no other reason than to further line your own pockets. Don't subject us to your self-serving, hypocritical and utterly baseless claims about "willingness to work" - it just does not wash.  




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