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Coromandel Harbour Project - Revisited!

For some extraordinary reason - one obviously being the fact that Cranleigh sponsor the K7 Race , amongst other things, Council has decided to employ them to re-do the discredited sediment survey that they presented to the December meeting and that I covered in my post dated 18 December. Today's presser reports that the February public meeting has been put back pending the further examination of the sediment content, and that Council has employed a consortium of consultants for the task - presumably overseen by Cranleigh. 

The trenchant criticism that flowed from the Mayor at that time regarding the thoroughness of the survey, and its inadequacy as a basis for any decision making regarding dredging appears to have been forgotten, and Cranleigh remain 'flavour of the month'. As I indicated earlier, I would have fired them on the spot, but no, once again they are to be entrusted with producing another, presumably adequate report.  Well I am not convinced, and I don't care a hoot how many events that they sponsor on the Peninsula - it is irrelevant. Their past performance should be the only determinant of their suitability for further employment.  

One can only assume from all this that the initial brief was inadequate, and that Cranleigh's instructions were unclear as to what was required - what a waste of money - well over $200g if I am not mistaken. Heaven only knows what this next stage involving a corsortium is going to cost. You will notice the great lengths that Ben Day has gone to in this presser to explain the likely considerable cost of the project, and need for involvement by a range of interest groups - but mainly the Council. If one can read between the lines, that means every ratepayer in the District. "Public and private sector partnering" is the latest set of buzzwords that he is so keen to foist on us, that are the product of spin merchant academies from one end of the country to the other. 

I am frankly getting heartily sick of these grand schemes being dreamt up to spend our money, and justify the employment of more and more extravagant staff. I trust that there will a range of opinion sought and presented at the public hearings that are to follow this next report. This project must not be allowed to be 'steam-rollered' as another of the Mayor's grand plans.  And finally, the "independence" of Cranleigh, and its associated "consortium" must be questioned at every stage. The presence of arsenic and mercury is already proven - what we need to know relates to the depth and concentration, and costs of remediation. Is that too much to ask?



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