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'Quid Pro Quo'

Those who understand the political dynamics that drive the fraught relationship between John Tregidga and Glenn Leach will not be surprised to hear of a well-based report following on the Unelected Economic Development Committee meeting on 16 September when JT was subjected to a degree of humiliation.

The criticism (muted!) directed at JT by Leach, and echoed by French and others over the failings of the Rail Trust to properly account, and supervise the operations of the Principal Trail Manager went down like a lead balloon. It was clear to any observer (I was the only one present!) that there would be repercussions.

The indicator of the likely turn of events, should TCDC proceed with its stated intention of withdrawing from its funding commitment to the Trust, came with JT's parting shot over the bows of Destination Coromandel regarding its similar failure to properly account in a timely manner. Touche!

There is now a strongly based suggestion that Hauraki District Council is seriously considering withdrawing from its joint (if unequal!) sponsorship of Destination Coromandel.  Whether this has been conveyed to TCDC is moot - it certainly appears to have been discussed at HDC, even if a final decision remains unenacted.

Such an outcome would not surprise - JT's contempt for Leach is palpable, and there was no way that he was going to accept the criticism that was directed at him for the failings of the Rail Trust. I suspect that he attended the meeting ignorant of the trap that had been laid. At one point he asked if media were present - I wondered at the time what he may have said had the answer been in the negative.

Again, watch this space, and don't be surprised if there are indignant denials - I am confident that my sources are impeccable.   




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Reader Comments (1)

Its the old story of a bunch of thugs attempting to bully it up because they have been supported by- and put there by - well a bunch of thugs. And yes, that does say something about the level of political discrimination applied by the self-appointed ruling-clique within our community.

The problem is that when any other normal community 'looks in' and sees what goes down here, they become bemused or, worse case scenario, horrified. Although the latter appears to have been Tredgida's reaction, by now that sort of behaviour should scarcely have been surprising to him.

But then what do you expect from such a bunch of other Council drongo's - Wells, Bartley, Fox, McLean and yes French too....(etc). None of them have the sense to fight their way out of a wet paper bag, to say nothing of attempting to actually set standards of behaviour for the Councils leadership.

We are in a deep black hole here. Unfortunately, not much will change. So Tredgida might as well move on to better things. Who could blame him for that?

October 3, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLeech it up

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