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New Chum, On Again!

Another application to sub-divide this property has been lodged by Ross and Deidre Mear, this time into 4 X 15h blocks, with a token "beach conservation lot" of 1.2h.  This still leaves 272h outside the original application, so more applications may be expected further down-line.

This application appears to be 'testing the waters' while the previous applications by Coastal Land Holdings Ltd (John Darby), withdrawn and re-submitted several times, and culminating in the application in December 2013 that now appears to be "on hold."

Ross Mear appears to be the Investment Director of Forsyth Barr - just what connection this couple have with Coastal LTH Ltd., or John Darby is not clear, along with just what role John Darby has in this new application.

The TCDC presser om the matter is not forthcoming, but Mayor Leach appears to be making a strong point when he says:

"What I'd like to see though is a natural buffer zone between the development and the beach, running the full length of the beach, along with the establishment of some public toilets and a walkway in the vicinity."

I somehow doubt that a 1.2h "beach lot" will fulfill that requirement, but I do find it interesting that Leach has seen fit make any pronouncement about what he would prefer in any outcome. That may be interpreted by some as undue pressure being placed on the judicial process now required to deal with the application, and may prevent his participation at any stage of the process. It may be designed to curry public favour, but it is somewhat naive to say the least to wade in boots and all at this stage, and in this manner. 

It would appear that the applicants are seeking substantial privacy provision - i.e:

"There would be some areas where landscape planting would be introduced to screen building sites and vehicle access ways from off-site public viewpoints."

Fair enough - you don't want the hoi-polloi looking at your vehicles do you?

Both Mr & Mrs Mear and the Mayor have expressed their desire to see that the application goes to public notification - it was inevitable in any case in view of the extensive public interest, so they are really are not giving anything away in that regard.

Let the play begin!




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