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Great Walks Project

Today's presser on the formation of a Hahei working group to work with the Project Governance Group made up of Council, DoC and Ngati Hei  is a step in the right direction. There has been a feeling for long time in the Hahei area that local residents were being completely ignored while this project was being steam-rollered through.

In spite of all the concerns and issues that I have raised in the past in several posts, the intent is strong, and it would appear that regardless of the huge remaining gaps in the information that has been provided (including  the Lees Road to Purangi route on the map provided in the presser) it will be pushed to fruition, come what may!

It really only remains to get on with job, while taking full account of local views. The scale of the project is probably a major concern, particularly when taken in concert with the remaining ambitious plans for further extensions of Leach's Great Walks (plural!)

With the apparent side-lining of the Kopu/Kaiaua cyleway extension, I trust that the funding of these great walks will not create an even greater imbalance in the allocation of Council discretionary funding, and prove even more a burden to Thames rate-payers - not something that has appeared to trouble our current Council to date.




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Bill, A question; do the TCDC councillors who represent Thames and Coromandel actually go to any of the council meetings, or the secret, in-house, for elected representatives only, don't let the public hear this, closed session workshops, I would wonder? I ask this because, when you refer to the Great Walk(s) plural, and the apparent side-lining of the Kaiaua-Kopu section of the rail trail you speak to the absolute neglect of the west coast of the Peninsula when it comes to this sort of funding issue. Why is it that we hear nothing from our west coast councillors? I despair.

October 9, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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