Hauraki Rail Trail - It Gets Worse!
Monday, November 10, 2014 at 8:49PM
Bill Barclay

Herewith is the documentation requested at the previous meeting of the UEDC, and now provided by the Chair of the HRTCT - this includes the Report of Wayne Hernderson (HDC Chief Engineer, and the person designated to work with the various people who constritute the PTO (Principal Trail Operator - Mike Barnett), and PTM (Principal Trail Management - Hauraki Rail Trails Ltd - Mike Barnett & Peter Maynard) The latter is now departed and it appears that the managemnent is being undertaken by his brother Josh Maynard from the HRT Thames Office - conveniently distant from the principal place of business - Paeroa.

It is all so complicated that it can only be described as a classical structure designed to shed responsibility in such a manner that it is virtually impossible to sheet home just 'who is up who, and who pays the piper.' By the time you have worked your way through Wayne Henderson's Report you will be lucky if you are not permanently cross-eyed. How Hammond could decide that all was 'hunky-dory' after receiving this quality of information, and subsequently releasing the funds is beyond me, and another example in my view of gross mis-management at best. It will be interesting to hear what the members of the Unelected EDC have to say about it on Wednesday, though I expect anything adverse will be confined to behind closed doors.

I can see no connection between the accounts that have been provided, and the Audit Office Report that contained so many qualifications and criticisms, and frankly I don't think they or anyone else is likely to be able to make any real sense out of them either. I guess that there is one gratifying aspect - the Trustee Fees & Allowances were cut from $28.5k to $12.9k - heaven only knows how they managed to justify any fees, let alone that which they claimed. No wonder that Warren Mayle decided to pack his bags - at least he must have been very well paid for his efforts! The Trust has clearly been totally ineffective in exercising the control over HRT that was expected of it. 

If you read between the lines of the Henderson Report you quickly become aware that the PTO and HRT have the Councils over a barrell with a contract that cannot be dissolved by one party without the most heinous of activities having been proven - and that may be difficult to say the least. Mr Barnett clearly knew what he was doing , and as usual, our Council employees have been shown up as business neophytes when it comes to protecting the interests of rate-payers.

There are apparently eleven matters on which Henderson was required to secure explanations - as of now, if one is believe the Report, almost none have been obtained, but he has apparently developed a 'far better understanding' with the new manager - Josh Barnard. It seems that the end of October was the deadline for receiving almost all of the answers required, but there is nothing in the Report to indicate that this deadline was met. Perhaps there will be a verbal on Wednesday to allay what must be giving real cause for concern amongst our Unelected Committee members, but clearly not our CEO!

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