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Unelected EDC 12 November

The Unelected Economic Development Committee meets on 12 November with could be described as a 'light' agenda. Here are a few of the items:

Thames 'i' Site - Agreement is sought for Destination Coromandel to take over the operation of the Thames 'i' Site from 1 July 2015 (it took over Whitianga on 1 July 2014) The funding remains the same at $80k a year for three years, and it will move to the Civic Centre at earlier announced.

Hauraki Rail Trail - The Chief Executive seeks approval for having on his own volition approved the release of the maintenance funding that was 'stopped' at the last meeting. He claims that he now has all the information and assurances needed from the HDC and appointed trail manager - Wayne Henderson. The Report is supposed to have its long overdue financials attached, but they are unable to be accessed on the website - I will endeavour to secure a copy on Wednesday.

It is stated that the Principal Rail Manger Contract "is now being actively managed to address compliance and performance concerns." Well that is a relief!

Destination Coromandel - Well now we know what John Tregidga was on about at the last meeting - three years, yes that is correct! - three years of annual financial reports are being presented - the change in management was allegedly because of inadequate financials presented by the previous management. Again, we are prevented from accessing the actual information - I am seeking the reasons for this right now!

I will ensure that one way or another this all-important information is made available, regardless of attempts by staff to obscure - it is simply unacceptable that all these projects are permitted to operate 'under the radar.' And we can have no assurance that the members of the Unelected Economic Development Committee are aware of their public governance obligations. The critical Audit Office Report should have given us real reason for concern.

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