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Mea Culpa - 'Leadfoot'

I received the following from Laurna White this am which clears up the situation regarding the $10,000 that I thought the Mayor had stated (at the UEDC meeting last week) had been requested by the Millen Leadfoot organisers to encourage TV3 to attend. As you can see - I was wrong - my only defence being the incredibly bad acoustics in the Council Chamber:

"I have just had pointed out some comments in your blog last week about the Economic Development Committee meeting that aren't quite accurate.

You've written that Mayor Leach indicated that the Leadfoot Festival wanted another $10k to secure TV3 coverage. This isn't the case - we have no approach from the Leadfoot organisers for any more financial assistance.

What the Mayor was actually talking about was a proposal about an event called Race the Ridge, which was being discussed with Rally NZ.  Here's a previous press release on the proposed event.

The amount of money looking to be sought by the organisers from Council was $10k, towards promotion and marketing of the proposed event,  including TV3 coverage.

This year's VINZ Coromandel Goldrush Rally of NZ was televised on TV3 on Sunday afternoon's motor-racing programme and had one of the highest viewership numbers during this time slot.

The Goldrush Rally also generated higher visitor numbers to Whitianga over the month of August, including  increased accommodation bookings and visitor spend. The Mayor commented that an event like Race the Ridge would also have similar pull, without major financial backing from Council."

Fair enough!

I can't see any problem with such an allocation for an event on public roads - aside from the usual objections  of the "Peak Fuel" lobby of course. The sensitivity over the Leadfoot issue remains, and desperate attempts are being made to secure local business support.


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