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Summer Magazine Frolic!

If you are a local ratepayer and were wondering about the elusive and glossy Summer Magazine that our Council has produced at a cost of $55,000, and distributed to 15,000 absentee rate-payers, but not to local rate-payers, well here is your opportunity to read all the exciting information as to how it was produced, and at what cost. 

I am sure that you all will be thrilled at this wonderful new initiative that has obviously kept a large number of our staff busy over the last few months. It is a wonderful example of self promotion, and an imaginative new way to spend our money.

Just a pity that it can only be posted to absentee rate-payers - it is designed to get them to visit the District. Apparently it is not enough that they have homes here - they have to be persuaded, and apparently that is good for all of us. You can get one at your local TCDC office - if you can prove you are a ratepayer, but otherwise cough up $5 - it is so worth it!

What kind of distorted mind dreamt up this little piece of marketing brilliance at our expense? And just which friends and associates have benefitted through its production? That would be an interesting follow-up inquiry which I am sure would bear fruit if one had the time. 

This must be what our Mayor means when he refers to "sticking to our knitting!." His so-called economic development initiatives have now entered a new phase - "anyone for a dip?"




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Reader Comments (2)

re magazine:- "What you might not know about Thames Coromandel District Mayor Glenn Leach is that he is a petrol head".
Oh yes we do --that's why I believe he gave his millionaire mate Rod Millen $40,000.00 of hard earned ratepayers money for the Leadfoot rally which was a [vetted] ticket only event on private property!!!
Oh yes we know alright Andrew

November 24, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterPedal to the Metal

I wonder if they over ordered this time?? Last time they had to 'dump' thousands of over ordered magazines under the cover of darkness because they couldn't sell them. Then there's also the thousands of 'returned' magazines which go straight into the rubbish. Real value for money!

November 25, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterRippedOff

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