'Quid Pro Quo' (2)
Friday, November 21, 2014 at 10:00AM
Bill Barclay

My previous post referring to the leaked intention of Hauraki Council to review its involvement with Destination Coromandel has come to pass. Mayor Leach confirmed at Wednesday's meeting that our Council had received formal notification of Hauraki's intention to complete a review of its involvement with the likely outcome that it will withdraw and pursue its own tourism promotion.

The bottom line is that Hauraki's $150k (one third) contribution to the operating costs of DC will be lost, and will need to be made up by an increased contribution from TCDC - a further hit on the rate-payers of this District.

It is extremely unfortunate that the personal relationship of the two mayors has sunk to the level where this withdrawal became almost an inevitability, and it calls into question the long term viability of the Hauraki Rail Trust where recent upheavals and criticism of Hauraki's role has contributed to the breakdown.

It has to be acknowledged that Hauraki's interests have diverged in any case with the success of the Gold Experience in Waihi, the Paeroa to Waihi Trail, and not insignificantly - the Miranda Seabird Centre, amongst other attractions. Their perception for some time has been that they did not get their share of attention from Destination Coromandel and its predecessor - the personal dynamics of the mayors were peripheral, but in the end decisive.

Their completely divergent views on the proposed unitary authority was a major catalyst in this divergence - Tregidga would not have a bar of Leach's proposal that involved Hauraki, and you may be sure that that situation is not about to change, no matter how much Leach attempts to bypass Tregidga and his constituency. And there is no possible encouragement from central government for Coromandel to be permitted to go it alone - none whatsoever, regardless of 1,500 signature petitions. 

Tregidga is a popular and avuncular figure in his community - no suggestion of the overbearing and bullying perception that a great number of people in this District have of Leach.  Not that he does not have a considerable support base amongst those of similar outlook, but he will be hard pressed to retain that support in the face of the imminent rate increases that will become evident as the finalisation of the TYP comes to pass.



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