Freedom Camping - Final!
Monday, November 24, 2014 at 4:46PM
Bill Barclay

Yes, this is one thing that can be put to bed, and for which this Council, and the Community Boards can be justly proud. I give former Policy Manager Katina Conomos full credit for this fraught by-law that appeared at one stage to be knocked out through the courts. It was by way of a superb recovery in slips that the defects in the previous policy were eliminated, and Policy Analyst Christine Tye has in turn done a superb job in escorting the policy to fruition. 

It can now be regarded as the template for every Council facing a similar dilemma, and it will certainly be widely copied. The final process was the adoption today (in time for Xmas!) of the final determination of the location and size of the of the designated freedom camping areas (for vehicles with on-board facilities) And here is Attachment A - the Thames Resticted Areas)

This was accomplished this morning with some minor alterations, and is now ready for the Council's enforcement unit to ensure signage is completed, and the necessary procedures and inspections implemented.  They should be kept busy over the coming season as the by-law beds in, and campers become familiar with its provisions.

Well done to all concerned!




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