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Fourth Anniversary

Today is the Fourth Anniversary of BillBarcBlog. Since 26 November 2010 I have posted 906 entries (4.92 average per week over a 46 week year) - not bad when you consider that it is an unpaid part-time effort - not that I would want it any other way. I did consider taking advertising at one point, but on reflection, I could not see how full independence could be preserved in that event, so canned it.

Getting Associate Membership of the Press Council has been a highlight I guess - not that it means much other than contributing to credibility through a proper complaints process. 

For your information, the blog has an audience of around 2000 individual (unique) readers counted monthly - not repeats! There were 355 hits yesterday - that is enough to maintain my interest, and I hope yours. On days when matters of particular interest are posted it can go over 600. The stats don't rate on the national blog stat charts of course as they don't cater to local blogs like this - Kiwiblog for instance has ten's of thousands of hits a day. 

I wish everyone a happy Christmas and New Year - early I know, but that seems to be the way these days. I will take a break after the 17 December Council meeting, until the first TCB meeting on 16 February.  




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