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Possum Paradise

Here is some information that will be of no interest to some, but concerning to others.

This last week, we have caught three (now five on Friday) - four huge males & 1 female possums in our yellow trap on the deck (bait - half an apple!), and picked up two off the road outside our place on Tararu Road.

I mention it because we know that it is at least seven years since DoC did a 1080 drop along the hills at the back of Thames (well away from the water supply!), and the results of the failure to do another timely drop over the last year or two are now evident for all to see. There must surely be major devastation going on over this entire area, and the drop off in birds on the Tararu Creek (Victoria St.) is very evident.

I know that resources are being directed into dealing with the South Island Beech and Rata seed drop, but that surely cannot mean that the rest of the country is to be left to its own devices, or rather the four footed marsupials.

It is time that our local DoC took note of what is happening, and did something about it. If trappers can't deal with the problem so close to Thames, what on earth is going on inland?




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Reader Comments (1)

Yes Bill, it is sad to see the Peninsula Project work undone by time and lack of resources. The re-emergence of the opossum problem is very noticeable in the Tararu Valley - with droppings and sign being evident up the creek road. The bird life in the valley in recent years has been great - and the morning bird-song a virtual chorus. But the valley also has wild pigs as an issue, with sign sometimes seen on, or close to, the road. And invasive weeds - asparagus, eleagnis, wilding pines, wandering willy and privet. And the dumping (fly-tipping) of rubbish from time to time. Popular place the Tararu Valley....

December 16, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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