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Time For Critical Analysis 

It is time, being Sunday, for some analysis of the tumultuous week that we have experienced in National politics. As readers will be aware, I generally avoid national issues in this blog, but every now and then, in my view, a 'stop and think' is not a bad idea.

I don't believe that you will find a better analysis than that provided in Bryce Edward's columm that appeared in the NZH on Thursday - he has taken the salient points from all the recognised commentators, and provided some insight into the workings of John Key's mind, together with the usual "see no evil etc........." that has been a hallmark of the National party's performance over the last three years at least - one that we see reflected here in our National dominated Council. Likewise, the apparent indifference of the voting public in both cases.

Although we are yet to see the poll effects of Key's 'bad-week', it is clear that he retains majority support, but for how long? - that is the question that must be haunting his back bench, and perhaps even a few of his erstwhile supporters on the front bench. There is certainly an element of real concern creeping in around the edges arising from Little's performance in the House, and as to whether Key any longer has moral and ethical certainty on his side.

Such is the usual fate of third term governments - we have seen it before with Clark and before her with Holyoake. Hubris and arrogance appear inevitable, and it is probably why the writers of the US Constitution had the prescience to forbid presidential third terms. What is remarkable here is the propensity for incredibly rapid falls from grace.

I am not about to write Key off, but he has a limited time to redeem himself, if that is possible - simply disregarding the Fourth Estate as hand-maidens of the left on this issue would be foolhardy. There are signs of real concern much deeper in the Party ranks - not immediately evident other than in the deathly silence accorded Key's actions from the right this last week, and the frightening prospect of a return of 'Lazarus' Collins to the Front Bench.

National, and its leaders have always regarded apologies as a sign of weakness (true for both sides of the spectrum for that matter!), but although it is probably too late on this occasion, it is something they could perhaps keep in mind for the future!   

If I were a back-bencher at this time, I would be helping to put a line in the sand at tomorrow's caucus - yes Scott, that could even mean you!




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