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Vale Policy Committee

Anyone who thought that the Leach/Goudie truce would last longer than a year need only look at a motion in next weeks agenda under the name of Mayor Leach - the first time I have seen such a thing:

Suggested Resolution(s)
That theThames Coromandel District Council:

1. Receives the Policy Committee's report, dated 1 December 2014

2. Disbands the Council's Policy Committee effective immediately; and

3. Reduces Councilor Goudie's remuneration from the Committe Chair rate to the Councillor rate effective immediately


It does not take a genius to work out that following Councilor Goudie's removal from the District Plan Committee because of potential conflict of interest, that all has not been 'sweetness and light' in the relationship between our Mayor and Ms Goudie.

This final insult of disbanding the Policy Committee must surely indicate a total break-down, and I suspect that we will see the said Cr Goudie now bide her time to get revenge, or simply see out her term - that will be an interesting conundrum.

There is no way that Leach would have undertaken this execution without having sounded out all the other councillors, and I cannot see any of them standing in his way. Her attitude, attendance and general demeanour will not have helped. She has been way ahead of them most of the time, but impatient with the deadweight at the table. She often provides the only challenge to Leach, but invariably backs down!

As for Leach's claim that the Committee no longer had a planning role this term - well that is a load of codswollop - Katina Conomos was Goudie's direct report on Council when she held the Policy/Planning Manager role, before she recently decided the whole set-up at TCDC was beyond redemption, and took off to Hauraki DC, where she is apparently very happy. The switch of policy to the Mayor's Plus Forum is interesting - this is heavily weighted to non-elected staff members - really an extendion of the Senior Management Group, and shows the complete concentration of power around Leach, with Hammond and Day as his sidekicks. 

I will be very interested to watch the body language on Wednesday - that is if Goudie fronts!

One up to Leachy - no point in having absolute power if you don't use it, savagely!


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