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Fluoride - It Just Goes On And On!

They entire crew were back in Council Public Forum today for another time-wasting shot at trying to get Council to see it all their way.

They were ably assisted by Tony Brljevich who seems to think that he has a particular role in telling Thames people what they should have in their water supply. He joined old anti-fluoride campaigner Diane Connors in the fray, but in the end, after another pantomime led by Jane Beck and Libby Boyd, together with their noisy and colourful props, exasperation crept to the deliberation stage on the motion that was designed to end consultation on the process.

But after another excruciating performance from the top table - Leach kept getting his amendments mixed up with his motions - confusion ensued, along with a telling off from Cr Connors, who objected to Leach's hectoring of Jane Beck, who is no novice when it comes to open debate. What he said was certainly not within the allowable 'clarifications' that are all that are permitted during Public Forum, but Jane held her own. Libby Boyd lost her rag as usual and was in turn told off by Leach, though she kept mouthing off - comical really! Actually Leach looked off his game this morning - shambling, and ponderous.

The upshot was the adoption of the motion, but with a rider to underatke a binding referendum for Thames rate-payers in the second half of next year after the completion of the Ten Year Plan. It seems highly unlikely that the anti-brigade can win a fair referendum, and they know it - they were utterly dismayed by the amended motion.

Jane even suggested that "most of the population would not understand the issue," - she does rather push her professional qualifications, and expertise on the subject as giving her a superior position from which to tell the entire country that it must dump fluoride. The motion was designed to take it off the table once and for all, but that is not how Jane sees it - she threatened that regardless of any result to 'retain,' her group were "sufficiently impassioned to continue the fight forever," or until they win.

Be that as it may, it is off the table for the moment, and the Council and Board no longer need to put up with the incredibly annoying interruptions to the agenda. Jane is not averse to a bit of hectoring herself on the subject of the Council's "need to consult" - as if it had not been doing that for the last 15 years, as Cr Goudie reminded the table with a degree of exasperation.  

The Referendum will be an expensive exercise that will test the patience of all concerned - the Waikato Health Board and the Health Department will need to become involved, again, and thousands will be spent on publicity on both sides - despite Jane's complaint about the forces lined up against them, the antis don't appear to be devoid of resources.

Oh well, let the fight for the hearts and minds of Thames begin, and may the best lies win.




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