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Great Walkway - Food for Thought

Here is an article from today's Informer that should be giving our Mayor palpitations. 

The total disregard for local concerns, and lack of consultation that has led to this situation was totally predictable. Leach's predilection for simply bulldozing his ideas through regardless of local reaction is beginning to wear thin here and elsewhere on the Peninsula.

His staff tend to take their lead from him, and the stiff opposition to their plans reported by the Informer will probably have come as a surprise. The question must be asked - where was the Mayor last evening? - it has been entirely his baby from day one - perhaps he heard what was likely to happen. He certainly does not cope well with opposition, and it may have been an interesting meeting had he been present. 

Here is the penultimate statement by Informer Editor Stephan Bosman who has in the past been an out and out supporter of Leach, and his economic development dreams:

"This is why I left the meeting perturbed - answering more questions, Garry said planning the Cathedral Coast Walkway started more than a year ago and to date about $100,000 has been spent (not clarifying if that includes staff time or not). Now I think the project - not the Great Walks as such, but the proposed stages 1A and 1B - is in real danger of falling over."

The one thing that always concerns the Lottery people is the possibility of of a project falling over for lack of public support.   Our Council may find that their task is made that much more difficult should the report of this meeting arrive before they handle the application. Look at what happened to the Hundertwasser Toilet application in Whangarei last week - turned down flat in the face of considerable opposition. 

This is just another of Leach's ill-thought out schemes that looks likely to fall over. And $100,000 has already been spent according to Gary Towler - an under-estimate I would suggest given the number of economic chiefs he has running around, obviously ignoring the Indians!




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Reader Comments (1)

$100,000 -spent to date -- Yeah Right as Tui would say.
What of the $40k sweetener to the Leadfoot rally?
The two man team who have been on the case for months marking out a 'track' must have run up a decent bill without counting Towler's time.
Ill thought out, lack of consultation and 1.2m in the Economic Budget for 14/15 make for another Council stuff up.
Love the predicted numbers to walk it--- between 50-100,000 per year--fair bit of fat there -- even at 50,000 a year that would be almost a 1000 a week or 150 per day--- seriously??

December 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterHahei Beware

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