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Hauraki v. Progressive on Licencing Hours

The battle beteen Countdown and Hauraki over pulling back local hours to 9pm remains unresolved, and John Tregidga unrepentant. In fact he is exasperated according to the story that appeared in the Waikato Times on Friday with the reluctance of Progressive Enterprises (owners of Countdown) to accept that the local decision has been fully consulted, and agreed.

Progressive won a reprieve through settling out of court with Tasman DC for a 10pm closing time, but John T. said 'No-way Jose'  when offered the same deal - "We were one of the very first up to get our policies in place and we still haven't been able to get a hearing." No more appeals will be heard before the New Year, and meanwhile Hauraki is stuck with 9am to 11pm. 

According to Berry Simons Associate - Andrew Braggins for Progressive "It's about choosing hours that are suitable for the local community and on the evidence that is available."

JT refuses to countenance a deal similar to Tasman, and why should he? The contrast with our adherence to the status quo is clear. Progressive, and all the retail liquor chains are apparently determined to get their way through the appeal process. It is a pity that Tasman caved.  




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