Furniture "Feel-good"
Monday, February 10, 2014 at 5:06PM
Bill Barclay

Former facilities manager John Rich will be interested to hear that the TCB made a momentous decision today to reject a staff recommendation on street furniture, and instead offer local manufacturers the opportunity to tender for items required to update mostly Pollen Street furniture.

It is not as if this desire to favour local business is new - look at what is happening in Australia with supermaket monopoly's Coles and Woolworths.

All very worthy, and with any luck one of Thames's engineering companies may be sufficiently interested to carry through with taking a look at the opportunity. Probably Kopu Engineering is the most likely, but they appear to have been very busy with their dairy industry business. 

What is concerning is that this work is not automatically put out to tender rather than staff simply buying from established suppliers, but I guess there are established internal rules that they are required to follow in this regard. Never mind - it may be assumed that there will now be a substantially delay in the supply and installation of the furniture. We will need to closely watch in order to see that any suggestion of 'local-preference' is not going to lead to an imposition on rate-payers - this 'feel-good' stuff can prove very costly.   




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