New Chum Shoe Drops!
Monday, February 10, 2014 at 4:28PM
Bill Barclay

Council advised today that the revised controlled activity resource consent application encompassing a sub-division has been received as predicted in my 24 January post.

The sub-division "encompasses a conservatiuon lot and a boundary adjustment between two existing lots.

Now that is interesting because the whole application only allows for houses on each of the three lots, and was lodged before the Proposed District Plan (December 2013) was notified, this allowing it to be treated as a "controlled activity" under the Operative District Plan. This will enable conditions regarding development and maintenance of the land, and the siting and design of the proposed houses to be imposed. 

I quote the Mayor:

" One thing we'll want to ensure is that Third Party interests are looked after and that the native flora and fauna which makes New Chum such a special part of the Coromandel continues to be protected and also remains accessible for everyone to still visit, through the existing walkway," says Mayor Glenn Leach.

"We'll also be pushing for a natural buffer zone between the development and the beach. This would run the full length of the beach and be maintained by a covenant, potentially through the QEII Trust or TCDC,"

The application is for far fewer housing lots than was earlier envisaged - no explanation is given, but one can assume that John Darby already has wealthy buyers who require absolute privacy lined up. It will be interesting to see if there is a reaction from  those who have avowed that nothing short of public ownership is acceptable.   

I would think that if this is all that the sub-division of the land entails, that it will fly through the process, but one can never tell when emotions run as high as they do on this particular property.  



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