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TCB Sports & Recreation Committee

For some obscure reason, our TCB has decided to appoint a Sport and Recreation Committee involving two 'outsiders' - in the same manner as the last year's Thames Focus Group, and with the likelihood that it will cost rate-payers and arm and a leg in exactly the same way. Last year's exercise cost well over a $100,000, and the result was a dog of a report from which everyone seems to be running a mile.

The appointment of Steve Bramley as an "expert' advisor, together with architect Glen Brebner is interesting because he has one way or another been in receipt of a regular consultant income from the Council over many years. He is actually a 'fund-raising' expert - not a technical expert on sports facilities as far as I am aware, but he has advised a number councils on these matters.

His long association with the promoters of the Zoom Zone dry-court facility is a major concern, and he is extremely persuasive in pushing the case for this facility ahead of others. The committee includes a representative from each of the 'project committees', and from the Funding Committee of the Thames Sports Facilities Project make up the S & R Committee together with three members of the TCB - sounds like committee 'over-kill'.

It is probably premature to criticise this whole exercise, but the similarity with the Focus Group is troubling, and we should be very wary of the costs that are likely to emerge as it progresses. Neither Mr Bramley, nor Mr Brebner will come cheap, and their involvement will be over years - not months. There is an evident naivety on these matters amongst the new Board - so be warned.

The Mayor appears to have a completely different view of just what resources are available for these facilities, but it does not appear to faze the Board members who are determined to progress the projects - particularly the Zoom Zone Dry Court, and the Rhodes Park Grandstand.    




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Reader Comments (6)

What is wrong with our elected members?? Already many thousands of dollars of our rates have been wasted on a Thames Urban plan, with all the associated hangers on creaming our Thames Board. Amazing, as we already had a $250,000 Blueprint for Thames - oops that was from the previous Council [which Strat was part of] therefore it must be flawed --so lets all do it all again - and for what- nothing will come of it --- do we really want 3 sets of traffic lights on Queen Street, do we want to sell the library, bulldoze the pensoner flats and build high rise to replace them??
Now we have some grand committee to sort out our sporting buildings -- dumb and dumber-- the Zoom Zone people have sucked up over $80,000 of Thames ratepayers money so far and yet have not contributed 1 cent to their proposed building-- and yet the grandstand at Rhodes Park is on it's last legs and still no help in sight. Rhodes Park would surely qualify as a regional sports field, let alone a District sports field- yet again the local people carry the can for it's upkeep - there would be no busier sports field in the region than Rhodes Park - we do not need two 'experts' to tell us that - just look at the number that use the area week in week out.
Come on elected Board members- get your head out of the sand-- forget about your lavish election promises to the Zoom Zone ginger group , and support a new facility at Rhodes Park, a facility big enough to hold other functions at, such as weddings , Blue Disco nights, funerals etc. [thus earning money for the buildings upkeep] as well as the centre for ALL sports held here in Thames.
If they can spend over 12 million dollars on the Mercury Bay Sports complex then we deserve something in Thames -- not more 'experts', committees etc.
In my humble opinion we need in the following order:, Grandstand at Rhodes Park, new swimming pool,[only 10 years left for the pool in it's current position], Skate board park and at a very poor fourth, Zoom Zone. The first three will attract people to Thames- doubt if Zoom Zone will be any sort of an asset.
Strat, it is about time that the Thames Board does something constructive whilst you are chair - nothing happened for the past three years- do not waste the next three--please!!

February 12, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterFlushed

Hey Flushed - we can sell you some toilets from our grand sports complex -- designed by 'experts'.
Glen, do not let the Thames Board run up thousand of dollars on 'experts' -- you can use the excuse 'I was surprised to see the size of the building when I drove past' but once!!. Reign in the Thames Board before it is too late -- Rhodes Park deserves better than what it has- been like that since I played rugby there 40 years ago and no doubt you played a game or two there?
Sort it Glen - and sort it good and quickly-- leadership is needed on this one before we have another white elephant like what we have here in the Bay

February 12, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterWhitianga Ratepayer

You chaps should really become informed before posting this rubbish. Try reading the reports first. Rhodes park replacement for the grandstand is part of the plan, but not the $6.2 million grandiose version promoted by the club - now trimmed to a more appropriate $2.6 million facility. Certainly not a mercury bay scale disaster. Read a little before embarrassing yourself in future.

February 21, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterInformed

PS. If you only rely on Bill's blogs for information you will always be poorly informed.

February 21, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterInformed

Ouch! Read the TCDC Press Releases in order to keep fully and accurately informed - please!

February 21, 2014 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

Go 'informed'- yip we read the reports about the Mercury Bay sports complex -- all 3 in total - and none portrayed what we have now. What you are asking, is for the ratepayers to put our trust in people like you, who have no concept of reality and blindly follow the 'leader'.
you might be 'informed' in your head but we know now not to trust such utterances from the elected members and staff. We are the one's picking up the targeted rate in our town - and I am guessing it will be in the region of $180 per rateable property.
To be honest $2.6 is a paltry sum for a decent grandstand in Thames for what is really a regional sports centre compared with our $12m [and climbing] white elephant -
you stick to the party line 'Informed' - we, the ratepayers have heard it all before --never trust a poly

February 22, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterWhitianga Ratepayer

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