Mercury Bay MultiSport Park 
Monday, February 17, 2014 at 11:23AM
Bill Barclay

A Presser from the Castle this morning shows just how desperate Council is to get the MultiMillion MultiSport used - here is an excert:

Come and enjoy a Community Fun Day being held at the Mercury Bay Multi Sport Park on Saturday 24 May 2014 and find out what our facility has to offer.

"Netball and tennis codes are already using the Sports Park and junior rugby, rugby league and football are looking at options around either training and playing out here this winter, so this is an opportune time to get everyone out to see what can be done out at the Sports Park," says Multi Sport Park coordinator Sue Costello."

Oh boy! - what a shambles. Rugby is digging its heels in at its existing facilities, has no intention of moving. Others are thumbing their noses at what appeas to be one of the great white elephants of all time - properly staffed of course. It makes you wonder just what else this mob are capable of - watch carefully the activities of the Economic Development Committee that meets today for the first time, having changed the venue and time without notification, and then installed a one and one half hour 'Workshop' to precede - sall designed to make it as difficult as possible to follow what they are up to. 




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