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Furey's Creek Resource Consent

The Resource Consent reffered to in the EDC Meeting on 17 February appears to have been issued by WRC on 31 January 2014.

A copy was provided to me today by Greg Hampton and I attach herewith the relevant sections:

"Activity authorised: To undertake maintenance dredging of up to 800 cubic meters per year at Furey's Creek! Whangarahi Stream Location: (Furey's Creek) Wharf Rd, Coromandel Consent Duration: This consent will commence on the date of the decision notification and expire on 31 January 2024"

To deposit up to 800 cubic meters of material in the Coromandel Harbour for beach nourishment purposes.

Beach nourishment deposition shall be undertaken during mid to low tide periods to avoid the generation of turbidity and suspended solids in harbour waters.

No sediments containing more than three percent by weight of mud (mud being sediments with a size less than 63 microns) are to be deposited on the beach nourishment sites under exercise of this resource consent.

No dredging operations shall be undertaken during eel migration, from 1 January through to 30 May inclusive, or whitebait season from 15 August to 30 November inclusive, unless authorised otherwise in writing by Waikato Regional Council.  

Maintenance dredging activities shall be restricted to periods three hours each side of low tide. To this end, no machinery shall operate within the coastal water.

The volume of material to be dredged shall not exceed 800 cubic metres per year.

The consent holder shall ensure that the area and volumes of seabed and foreshore disturbance shall be minimised so far as practicable and any areas that are disturbed shall be reinstated as far as practicable to the satisfaction of Waikato Regional Council."

Note - The paras above are an amalgam of the relevant paras from the three Consents.

Greg's accompanying email noted that these consents are essentially the same as a previous consent that had lapsed.

Greg further noted that: 

"It is essentially for minor maintenance dredging of Furey's Creek and the area around the boat ramp. It will improve tidal access but will not be an enduring solution to the demand of recreation boating activities. It may encourage some reccy's to launch from town rather than Sugarloaf but does not match the convenience of all-tide access that Sugarloaf provides. In short, an interim and part solution to our current challenges at best."

This information was not provided in this manner on Monday - no one I spoke to subsequently could remember any such Consent, and they included both staff and councillors.

I can see no indication within the new consents relating to the improvement of facilities for boaties, but I guess that could be accomplished if a wide, very wide interpretation was applied. 

Regardless, it is light years away from what was originally intended, and leaves open the question as to just how and when further sediment testing will be undertaken in the future. 




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