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"Health & Safety Improvements at Sugarloaf"

A great deal of information on the outcomes of the Economic Development Committee meeting were released today under the guise of a presser on "Health & Safety Improvements at Sugarloaf."

What is more significant is that almost every outcome I reported on in my post on the Meeting on 18 February was confirmed. I cannot find a single instance where I got it wrong. If I did, then so did those who wrote today's presser. 

So much for the comments of "Informed" who claimed that I was "misinformed" or had "misinterpreted" the discussions at that meeting. Aspersions were even made regarding my hearing, that recently passed all tests with flying colours, or at least for an old bugger!

Clearly "Informed" attended that meeting, and this reduces it most probably to being a staff member, and it does not take a genius to work out who that may have been. Certain staff must be feeling real pressure as a result of premature triumphalism, and failure to produce results at the Walkways, and Coromandel Harbour Project in particular - our Mayor appeared thwarted, and someone must be paying the price. 

I know that my posts are widely read within the Castle, and that there is a wide range of views as to the interpretation that I put on things, but I believe that in general I pay particular attention to accuracy. Several staff have taken to emailing or otherwise pointing out where I have strayed, and where necessary I have made corrections, without attribution. 

I implore any staff member to contact me direct should they feel it necessary - I realise that it is not appropriate to identify yourself in the 'comments' facility. I understand that contact is not conducive to rapid promotion, and I will certainly guarantee to preserve anonymity, but making generalised complaints about 'inaccuracy' is not helpful, and I cannot take such comments seriously. 

I do have strong views on certain matters, and regular readers will have no difficulty identifying just what those matters are. I do not believe that avoiding giving offense requires me to resile from a particular position simply because the Mayor, or someone else believes that I have some undefined agenda directed specifically at them.

Just imagine for a moment that what it would be like if you were entirely reliant on the Hauraki Herald, Coromandel FM, or for that matter the TCDC press releases for your information about what goes on within our Council. I may get it wrong occasionally, but it is a honest attempt to record matters that directly or indirectly affect all of us. 

By the way, and just as an aside, I have been told by knowledgable commentators that my search engine is the fastest and most efficient of any they have seen - I can take no credit for it, but give it a try - just enter any word or combination, and behold! It works, unlike that on the TCDC website which seems designed to frustrate, just like their document retrieval system. Oh dear - there I go again!

Have a good weekend, and get along the Mindsports for a good mind massage!




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