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Misaki & Thames - Time to Buddy-Up

I guess that most of us fall into the category of being fairly dismissive, or even skeptical of the value of inter-country town relationships. Misaki (South of Osaka on the Inland Sea) has ben connected to Thames for a number of years, and has even sent three delegations down here to cement the relationship. They are now seeking a bit of reciprocity, in the form of a delegation from here visiting in the near future.

Mayor Leach has nominated Peter French, Lester Yates and Ben Day to fill the role, and his office will co-ordinate the viist to ensure that it all goes in accordance with sister city protocols.

It is probably a good idea, and the money well spent. Misaki has proven to be a very hospitable little fishing town - quite picturesque, but with limited industry and probably equally limited economic potential benefiting Thames, but a number of people from here have gone up on teaching assignments in their primary school, and I understand that this has progressed without much rancor. Lester has actually co-ordinated this project. 

In the circumstances, it will be good for our Deputy Mayor to lead a delegation (they would probably have preferred Glenn, but he is obviously otherwise engaged). Peter will do an excellent job, and who knows, Ben Day may even be able to drum up some business; even a bit of tourism would help. 




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Reader Comments (1)

Whew the 'troughers' are on the move. Just how Mayor Leach can justify sending 2 elected and one staff member to some small town in Japan when he refuses to go to the very important LGA conferences here in NZ 'as they are just a talkfest' I do not know.
Have spoken to some older elected members who can recall Mayor Thompson went to Paris in the 90's with a delegation to oppose nuclear testing in the Pacific, Mayor Lux took councillors to Australia on some fact finding tour, though Mayor Barriball could not lever any money out of CEO RURU to visit Abingdon, our sister town in England, despite a large delegation coming out to NZ inviting a group to visit their town for their bicentenary celebrations. For those unaware, Thames sent food parcels to Abingdon during WW2 and there is a charter document on the wall outside the Council Chamber relating to that effort noting the 'real bond' between the two towns.
So just how does Council now justify sending these 'troughers' to Japan? What do they hope to achieve, a free trade agreement? No doubt Ben Day's travel expenses would come out of the economic developement targeted rate, the Board member from the Boards budget and the deputy mayor frrom Council- all a crazy waste of money and I doubt whether anything would come of it and certainly would be difficult to defend should the Auditor General decided to investigate.
This type of 'troughing' is something I would expect the two ex members of Parliamnet to comtemplate [remember when McLean wanted to take a parliamentary trip overseas amidst much finger pointing at the time]-- such trips overseas at taxpayer/ratepayers expense are the norm for parliamentarians - so watch this space!!!

February 11, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterinside out

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